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    Websites managed by Mindshark Marketing top search results, why?


    Among the many services provided by Mindshark Marketing is the website management service that always places clients requirements into the success category. Running with a client that does not have a website is a tough task, all the efforts to get clients lining up for the client’s services could be laid to waste because the missing link is missing. In order to deliver the best results possible even from a company who would seem needless of a website, Mindshark Marketing creates a website for them with all the required features and optimizations to rake in sales for them.

    In good time, all the websites managed by Mindshark Marketing, when their relevant keywords are searched for, appear on the first page of search results. The reason why everyone wants to be on the first page is because internet users seldom waste their time flipping through all the results that come up, they focus on the first page listed results. This makes our ability to place clients websites on first pages a really impressive boost to our client lists and a welcome edge to their search based income.

    The techniques used to get websites to the level that get as good the results as they get in the hands of Mindshark Marketing include;

    • Sales optimized landing pages –

      the first page on which potential clients land when they get directed from search results, the landing page, should make it hard for them to leave without at least leaving some information about themselves in request of the service or product on offer. The perfect situation is one where the visitor goes ahead and clicks the call to action button and initiate a business transaction.

    • Other activities besides making sales pitches –

      while clients usually have the perception that we should focus on landing pages. We have realized that internet users on social media platforms and elsewhere will not get attached to a brand if all they are getting is product. Instead, we create engaging content to spark discussion and possibly even get some followership behind the client’s brand. This has a short to long term effect of the followers becoming passive ambassadors of the client’s brand. Imagine the case where a buyer purchases a pair of shoes because their friends all think the brand is good.

    • Forums posting –

      when marketing on behalf of a boat company, a scenario where they have a strong and recognizable voice on forums where boat lovers hang out and help each other resolve small issues concerning repairs and new parts, is always what we look for. This makes clients rely on our client whenever they need products and even services offered by them.

    All these are reasons that will get websites to the top and have them dominate their industry. Some other techniques also should not be dismissed as necessary to land websites on first pages of search results. They too are utilized on a daily effort basis by specialist at Mindshark Marketing.

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