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    iS?iz? iz�i��e��i�� i��i??i��, e?�e�?iz? e�� e�?i��e�?i?? i�?i�? i��ez?i�?e?? i?�i�?i�? i��i�?e?�i??e?? i�?e��i??e��. The new train is 13% lighter than traditional steel or aluminium metro trains, making it the company’s lightest and most energy-efficient to-date and the first of its kind in China. e??e?� i??e�?e��i�� i�?i��i��iz�e�� KBi�?e??e?? i��e?�i�?e��.

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    40e?� i??i��e��iz?i?� i�?e?�eY�is? i�?e��i�? i??i�?i�? i��e�?i��e?? e??i��i��e��. e?�i��is�i�� i��i�� i�?i�?eS� 1i??500e�? i??i??i?? iz�i�? e?�i�?i�?e�� e�?e��i�?i�? 5e�?1i?? e?� i??i??i?? i??e??e��i?� i??is�i�?e��. a�? e�?e��, i��e?? = ‘e��i?�i�? e�?ez?’e?? 2016e�� i��ez�iS� e?�i?�e??i??i?� e��i?� e�?i??e?? iS�e��e�?e�?i?? e?�e��iz�. i��e?�i?? 90i?? i??i?? e��i�?i�?i�? i??e??i�?eS� e??is� i��e?�i??e�? i��e?�i?� i��i��i�?i�? i�?i��e�?, e�?e�� e?�i??e��i�?iz?e�� i�?e��i��e�?i??e?? i�?e��i�?e��e�? i�?i�?i�?i??i��e�� i�? e??e?� iz�e��i�?i�� i�Si??e�? i�?iz�e�� i��e��e�� i��i??e??i�� …

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