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    Order rocaltrol generic name


    Do not leave rocaltrol in direct sunlight.

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    Information about Rocaltrol.

    Patients with normal renal function who are taking Rocaltrol should avoid dehydrationAdequate fluid intake should be maintained.

    The treatment of acute accidental overdosage of Rocaltrolcalcitriolshould consist of general supportive measuresIf drug ingestion is discovered within a relatively short timeinduction of emesis or gastric lavage may be of benefit in preventing further absorptionIf the drug has passed through the stomachthe administration of mineral oil may promote its fecal eliminationSerial serum electrolyte determinationsespecially calciumrate of urinary calcium excretionand assessment of electrocardiographic abnormalities due to hypercalcemia should be obtainedSuch monitoring is critical in patients receiving digitalisDiscontinuation of supplemental calcium and a low-calcium diet are also indicated in accidental overdosageDue to the relatively short duration of the pharmacological action of calcitriolfurther measures are probably unnecessaryShouldhoweverpersistent and markedly elevated serum calcium levels occurthere are a variety of therapeutic alternatives which may be considereddepending on the patient’s underlying condition.

    If the patient is switched from a long acting what happened to pharmacy escrow, what happened to pharmacy escrow, what happened to pharmacy escrow, what happened to pharmacy escrow, what happened to pharmacy escrow, what happened to pharmacy escrow. vitamin D preparatione.gergocalciferolvitamin D 2or colecalciferolto calcitriolit may take several months for the ergocalciferol level in the blood to return to the baseline valuethereby increasing the risk of hypercalcaemiasee section 4.9

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