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    Mindshark Marketing on PPC campaign success


    When it comes to getting great results on marketing campaigns, there is very little off the table and considered unethical to meeting investments with profits. Paying search engines for a boost on getting clicks to a campaign is one option that many clients often approach Mindshark Marketing asking for help on. We have since developed 4 strategies that can be plugged into any campaign to get the results that make any member of the campaign team want to continue working past any hindrances to success.

    PPC Campaign Success by Mindshark

    The short list of strategies, all which mold into the another, make for success every time Mindshark implements them in their correct concentrations;

    • Improve the campaign’s score –

    • Submitting a Pay Per Click campaign to a search engine will get it scanned and rated with a score. The better the score your campaign gets, the better chances of success it has because search engines like Google then get a little relaxed concerning the cost of each click. Certain dials need turned to get good results in this case. The relevance of keywords in the text of the advertisement play a huge role. How the other ads in your account, if you have one and how active your account is also makes for better trust ratings.

    • Using the strategy of remarketing –

    • When search results land clients on your website, there is a chance that they will not do what your call to action asks of them. This is not a big concern now because search engines can now track the potential client’s behaviour, and even know that they have been on your site before. This makes it easier to correct efforts that did not work to sell on their first visit. Every second time visitor will have either searched for the same keywords or seen your ads elsewhere on social media.

    • Optimization of scripts used with Adwords –

    • The one thing most marketers often look at and immediately just pass, is the javascript based scripts that come with adwords and pay per click campaigns. A lot of benefits can come from learning how to optimize these and save you a lot of headaches getting out of the world results. The code can even automate some very long time demanding result checking routines and even get you past limitations that you may think are standard with pay per click campaigns.

    • Getting the landing page game correct –

    • After all the above is in place, the destination of ads, landing pages, should be convincing enough to get the visitor willing to buy your product. Staying relevant to the link they clicked to the page is one essential part of this stage, so is having a clear call to action. In the least, all Mindshark Marketing generated landing pages will form the wide part of a lead generating funnel. Every visitor will be drawn closer to closing a sale for the client through short forms that capture information to allow follow-up calls later.

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