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    IT Services marketing is different from others says Mindshark Marketing


    Serving many industries in Canada with innovative marketing products and campaigns has brought Mindshark Marketing to the point where each industry can be recognized depending on their needs. Each client type, depending on their industry of operations, generally has the same traits as the rest of the other lot of clients, this is not the case with Managed IT Service providers. They fall into a special category of their own, one with needs totally unique to other companies only in their same line of business.

    IT Services Marketing by Mindshark Marketing

    Mindshark Marketing has been serving clients whose industries have been functional from years before the marketing firm was established. These kinds of companies have normal to predictable marketing services requirements, the combination of print and digital campaigns are usually all needed to exhaust the firm’s requirements and even pass their targets if executed with the normal vigor and accuracy as usual.

    With the case of managed IT services companies, most that have emerged way after Mindshark Marketing started offering its services, this is not always the case. A custom services package was created as soon as the discovery of a new breed of company was detected. The kind of business such as done by IT service companies have unique B2B models that make their requirements even different from the next company of their kind.

    The list of services they require because of their models, include;

    • Social media management with the focus of customer service handling rather than gaining popularity. Social media usually has the purpose of reaching out to the billions in effort to make known the services of the client and eventually get them more clients. If all businesses go on to social media sites to do that, there would be barely anyone listening to the other. So instead, social media is used to serve already signed clients because of the easy at which it is accessible beyond location and work hours.
    • Website creation is usually not needed when it comes to IT companies, they could easily have more experienced developers than Mindshark Marketing’s teams. What is a rare situation is for them to have search engine optimization specialists of the degree that are commonplace at Mindshark Marketing’s offices. A website that is not optimized is as good as missing from the internet. Websites belonging to IT management companies are usually integrated with Blogs by developers who then cooperate with content providers to make their websites hot on search results.

    Because of the way they get clients, and the nature of their client base, it would yield no results to use the same strategies as different models of business. However, results are yielded through the custom surveillance of how the business gets clients as well as innovative new solution to get even the clients on their list served to the best experience.

    All the IT service companies who have their marketing side of operations in the charge of Mindshark Marketing can attest to the results that keep mounting to their benefits.

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